This is our resident dog Nip, passed away in 2016.


Croki Riverside Caravan Park welcomes well-behaved pets for overnight stays, but do insist that all pets are on a lead or tethered at all times.

 Please note that, out of safety concerns for children, pets are not allowed in school holiday periods or over long weekends.

 Whilst we are pet-friendly, there are a few rules that must be adhered to during your stay:

  •  Pets are not allowed inside cabins (they may sleep on the verandah) and cannot be left unsupervised in the park at any time. Pets found in a cabin will incur a $50 cleaning fee.
  •  Noise must be kept to a minimum, especially early morning and at night.
  •  Pets must be walked outside the park and all droppings must be collected immediately and disposed off in a plastic bag. Bins are available at the entrance to the park for disposal.
  •  Where people are using the riverbank for fishing or other activities, pets must be removed from this area.
  •  Pets are not permitted inside the office or amenities block at any time.

 Pet owners agree to accept all liability for any damages or personal injury caused by their pet (directly or indirectly) whilst staying at Croki Riverside Caravan Park and agree that all financial claims in relation to the above will be their responsibility.  

Any breach of these conditions may result in the termination of your stay with no refunds available.

For any questions, please contact us for further clarification.

Below are some of our four-legged friends who have made Croki their home for a relaxing stay!

 Spud - Robyn and Norm's puppy Timmy - Tom and Noelene's puppy Nippy - wearing his Drizabone
 Bundy - Cecil and Laurraine's boy  Lady - Don and Yvonne's girl  Indiana Bones and Nip at the river pool